Lecithin - the Natural Choice

Every day, over 800 million people use products that contain lecithin. So regardless of your area of business, The Lecithin Experts can find tailor-made solutions for your company: from concept to trials to finished product. Ask for our experience how lecithin is able to give added value to your products.

Very few emulsifiers occur naturally as lecithin does. Due to the GMO situation of soybeans, many attempts have been made to replace lecithin with other formulations. This is only possible – if at all – to a limited extent. The functionality of this natural product cannot be achieved using synthetic emulsifiers.

Today are large amounts of soy lecithins available, but limited qualities of rapeseed and sunflower lecithin. These are obtained through a degumming process from crude oils in their natural state. The conditions during degumming as well as the quality and origin of the oilseed have a great influence on the composition and quality of the lecithin.



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