technologischen Funktion und ernährungsphysiologische Wirkung

Like in human food applications lecithin serves with its dual functionality of being an emulsifier and at the same time contributing with nutritional benefits. It is a natural and functional additive and can substitute or reduce synthetic detergents.

The addition of lecithin to animal feed gives producers economic advantages and helps to promote improved health, growth rates, shiny coat, skin quality, and feed utilization. LECICO lecithins are widely used for livestock, pet and fish feeds, as well as feed for furbearing animals, such as mink.

As nutritional ingredient for compound feed product its highly bioavailable choline, its content of inositol and polyunsaturated essential fatty acids makes it a valuable substance for piglet and chicken feed. It is used in large amounts for aquaculture formulations be it for special larvae diets or compound pellet feed where it helps to increase the nutritional value and the fat loading and where it contributes to better pellet floating characteristics.

A specific case is shrimp feed where it has been shown, that phospholipids, particularly phosphatidylcholine and -inositol are essential nutrients to guarantee excellent growth rates, to improve stress resistance and to increase the survival rate.


  • reduces abrasion and improves pellet structure
  • emulsifier for fat antioxidant
  • improve digestibility of nutrients
  • bind dust
  • source of choline and inositol
  • increases survival rate of young fishes
  • stimulates growth (fish farming)
  • ensures smooth and glossy coat or fur (pets, rabbits)
  • improves performance and condition (horses)
  • protect against infection (ornamental birds and fishes)