Pharma Industry

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Vegetable lecithins are qualities according to the US Pharmacopoeia/NF XXIII.

Phospholipids as adjuvants are being used for a variety of emulsifying and dispersing applications. They are fully natural, non-toxic additives with various physico-chemical properties. Examples are suppositories, creams and ointments, antibiotic suspensions as well as liposomes, enteral and parenteral clinical nutrition.

Two basic groups of application have emerged in the pharmaceutical sector. Phospholipids as active ingredients, having an effect on biochemical metabolic functions and phospholipids as adjuvants, in which they play an important part by virtue of their physico-chemical properties.

Pharmacological effects of phospholipids have been studied in phosphatidyl-choline and phosphatidylserine. A number of double-blind controlled studies are available and drugs or nutritional supplements are on the market.

Main Advantages

  • natural substance, toxicologically safe
  • form stable liposomes
  • improve liver metabolism
  • cholesterol control