LECICO Organic Lecithin for 100 percent organic food products.

LECICO Organic Lecithin is produced from soya or sunflower without any chemical solvents and is available in liquid and powder form.

The fluid soybean lecithin LECICO F 600 ORGANIC and the fluid sunflower lecithin LECICO SUN 400 ORGANIC have very good chemical characteristics and provide perfect viscosities. The soybean powder LECICO P 900 ORGANIC and the sunflower powder LECICO SUN P 400 ORGANIC are excellent soluble in oil and dispersable in water. All LECICO Organic Lecithins are non-GMO and correspond to the concept of a complete organic production. The organic sunflower lecithins are additionally non-allergenic.

Use the positive effects of lecithin for your products. Together with their experienced experts LECICO stands for quality, quick response and reliability. The customer dedication is evidenced by a strong global sales force, organized along major regions. Products and technical services are provided through a network of different sales offices of local third party agents and distributors which all have many years of experience in the field of lecithin.

LECICO Lecithin & Phospholipids – making your products even better!