Lecico responds to Salmonella outbreak in lecithin-based food additives

Lecico GmbH, an Avril Group company, is aware of the salmonella outbreak at a chocolate confectionery facility in Belgium.

While we are not the supplier in question but are taking this matter seriously and will continue to ensure that all our appropriate systems and checks are in place to avoid any such contamination.

At Lecico we are committed to providing safe lecithin for food and feed production for people and animals. We cooperate only with production, storage and transportation facilities that ensure the safety of our products. All our approved suppliers meet our requirements for safe raw materials and ingredients.

All steps and methods for implementation of our Food and Feed Safety/HACCP programme are based on the Codex Alimentarius and part of our Lecico Quality Manual. We can confirm that appropriate measures have been implemented in our HACCP system to exclude contamination from Salmonella in our products.

Our HACCP system guarantees that all our suppliers must ensure a hygienic environment for production which is verified through regularly conducted audits, which extends through order placement, production, and packaging (certified to FSSC 2200).

During product release, Salmonella is checked in each batch in at least 25g of composite samples. Each batch is analysed and positively released against LECICO’s specification, which requests negative/25g. Salmonella testing is performed by an accredited external laboratory according to European Pharmacopoeia (EP 2.6.31) and results are indicated on each CoA.

The Lecico team remains committed to ensuring a safe supply chain. If you have any questions, please contact our team on +49 40 890 6100 or email info@lecico.de