Lecithin and Phospholipids – multifunctional, natural raw materials

Lecithin as a natural product has both emulsifying and dispersing properties. Thus, lecithin can significantly increase the quality of a variety of foods and non-food products.

In Germany alone, there are over 30,000 foods containing lecithin. More and more synthetic emulsifiers or stabilizers are being replaced by lecithin. Every day, over 800 million people use products that contain lecithin.

Lecithin development has reached a new standard through modern manufacturing processes. Quality and stabilization problems, such as temperature loads or low pH values, are today largely manageable.

Start off with lecithins from LECICO. Our lecithins and phospholipids provide essential nutrients for cell membranes. Enhance your products with a boost in effectiveness and more dynamism in the market.

Food manufacturers know our lecithins as functional and technological emulsifiers or stabilizers. Dietary supplement manufacturers know that lecithins stimulate liver function, strengthen brain and nerve functions, and improve cell metabolism as well as vitality.

We develop with you new healthy foods that combine all the benefits of lecithin. Contact LECICO if you are looking for the ideal lecithin to provide added value to your products.

Organic lecithin

Fluid lecithin

Deoiled lecithin


Soya Phospholipids

Milk Phospholipids


Delievery Sizes

25 kg canisters /
20 kg carton boxes
200 kg drums
1.000 kg IBC
24.000 kg Bulk delivery