LECICO aims to sell lecithins and phospholipids of the highest possible quality.

Optimum product safety means adhering to defined quality standards for us:

  • LECICO examines all raw materials using very detailed analysis strategies, thus ensuring consistent product quality.
  • In order to continuously improve this high standard, LECICO cooperates with external experts and uses special analysis methods:

Every batch delivered is analyzed by independent laboratories for chemical and microbiological parameters, contaminants (such as PAKs) and possible GMO events, as well as ensuring allergen free characteristics by checking proteins in Elisa-tests.

Quality Characteristics

Worauf wir zurecht stolz sein dürfen

Quality Management System ISO 22000: 2005 by LRQA
Kosher by Court of the chief Rabbi Beth Din, London (KLBD)
Halal by Halal Certification
Services GmbH JAKIM, MUI, MUIS approved
Organic DE-ÖKO-005 by IMO Ecocert GmbH
Non-GMO and IP
(Identity Preservation)
IP-Control Program
Non-GMO Project
by Eurofins Certification
by Food Chain ID, Inc
by Eurofins, UK
by Food Chain ID, Europe
Feed certification GMP+ by LRQA
FDA Registration
Sedex Membership
Ecovadis Platinum EcoVadis Platinum Medal for Environmental, Social and Ethical Sustainability

Clean Labeling

Lecithin and “Clean Labelling” is what customers are looking for. Healthy Food, driven by “Natural” products, but sustainably produced, and minimally processed, on top. This is what people want.

Lecithin is not just only an “Emulsifier” but mainly a natural and healthy product, with an elevated image. That which Mother Nature has been producing for ages will be the key driver of the “Lecithin Family” and continue being the driver of “Clean Labelling.”

Today, it is becoming more and more challenging for manufacturers to compile their ingredient lists that include elements that are more natural, simpler and free of allergens. At the same time, consumers are better informed by the producers due to more detailed labelling on the final product.Consumers seek products that are made without artificial, chemical-synthesized additives.

LECICO LECITHIN is the natural and healthy choice for a variety of food systems and offers excellent, clean labelling advantages. Lecithin is a 100 % natural product.

NON-GMO Lecithin

komplette Rückverfolgbarkeit

Because the cross contaminations between GMO and non-GMO (non-genetically modified) seeds have increased over the years, the documentation and the analytical methods have become even more important to ensure segregation. To guarantee non-GMO lecithin, LECICO has developed an appropriate monitoring and traceability system – the LECICO IP-System – that provides detailed analyses and documents to ensure the fully certified traceability. Including independent audits and the supervision of the processing, storage and shipping operation for non-GMO soy and rapeseed lecithins, LECICO meets and surpasses the highest possible standard for GMO avoidance. As the origin of non-GMO lecithin is completely documented and traceable, it is not subject to GMO-labeling according to the EU regulation 1829/2003 and 1830/2003.

In Europe, lecithin is considered a nutritional additive, under which the product is defined as an “organic substance purely derived from plant or animal resource.” We take full responsibility for all our non-GMO lecithins, delivering only products that we have checked, analyzed and controlled well beyond what legal guidelines require. For us, our customers’ safeguard in respect to all non-GMO issues is our highest priority.