Margarine or oil

gleichmäßige Verteilung feinster Wassertröpfchen

Due to its specific properties soy lecithin is widely used in margarine applications. In frying margarines, it is not only used as emulsifier, but also for its anti-spattering characteristics.

Lecithin promotes  the browning due to its interaction with proteins; it improves the aroma, avoids sediment sticking to the pan, keeping particles dispersed and limits foam formation. Spattering during frying is caused by the explosion of water droplets. During frying water is released from the emulsion. Water droplets are not being emulsified anymore and will coalescence and become bigger.

The bigger droplets will sink to the bottom of the frying pan and come into contact with the hot pan bottom. This will heat up the water droplet to such a degree that it explodes, producing the spattering of fat. The lecithin in a frying margarine will emulsify the water droplets, avoiding coalescence, keeping the droplets small, facilitating fast evaporation before reaching the hot pan bottom and avoiding explosion of water droplets. In margarine for baking applications, lecithin improves the elasticity of the margarine and its baking properties.