Lecico commits to meeting UN Sustainability Goals with EcoVadis assessment

Lecico, part of the Avril Group, and a supplier of quality lecithin and phospholipids to the food industry, strongly supports the 17 goals set out in the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. “To contribute to these goals, Lecico has been voluntarily assessed by EcoVadis – globally regarded as one of the world’s most recognised voluntary sustainability standards,” says Philipp Sommer Business Director of Lecico. “We achieved platinum status for both 2021 and 2022 and feel that this stellar accomplishment is a significant step for our business – enabling improved collaboration for sustainable development with our partners in the food industry. In addition, and due to its direct impact on health and safety, the food and beverage industry remains highly regulated and characterised by multiple national and international regulations and certifications,” he points out. EcoVadis assists companies to manage their Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) risk and compliance, meet corporate sustainability goals, and drive impact at scale by guiding sustainability performance improvements – not only for the company being assessed, but also through its value chains. Sommer explains, “Currently, CSR criteria runs across four pillars: the environment, labour and human rights, corporate and social responsibility, and sustainable procurement. “Some of the highlights during our 2022 assessment reflected the meaningful progress the company is making with regards to our operating environment. This includes an impressive reduction in the energy consumption of our IT infrastructure, and efficiencies through technology and equipment upgrades. “We also improved our score on our labour and human rights policies and in establishing an employee culture that is healthy, safe and with all discrimination and harassment initiatives in place. “Another highlight for us during our most recent assessment was our scoring on sustainable procurement – indicating our focus on entrenching a strong supplier sustainability code of conduct. At the same time the requirements for on-site audits of suppliers and the supply chain were also successful,” he notes. EcoVadis’ integration of the UN’s sustainability goals also mean that companies under voluntary assessment can now align company objectives with global initiatives targeted at enabling a more sustainable future.1 “We firmly believe that sustainability, safety and quality are the driving forces behind business decisions. Lecico customers appreciate food companies that are committed to these goals, and we fully support global strategies to foster sustainable development, improve lives, and protect the environment,” Sommer points out. “As one of the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, EcoVadis has unique insights into the sustainability performance of businesses across the world, across regions, industries, themes and sizes. We look forward to our assessment for 2023 and continue to drive positive change at Lecico into the future,” Sommer concludes.