NON-GMO Regulations & Sustainability

NON-GMO Regulations
With regards to regulations concerning genetically modified organisms (GMO) the practice of pure PCR testing (detectability of genetically modified DNS) was abandoned in April 2004 and replaced by an identity preservation (IP) system. With the enforcement of the EC-Regulations 1829/2003 und 1830/2003 a real NON GM traceability “from farm to fork” was set up. If a full traceability cannot be certified, those ingredients in final products have to be labeled as “produced from genetically modified organisms”.

LECICO IPM Lecithin has not to be labeled, because a fully certified traceability “from farm to fork” is available. The lecithin is of conventional, non GMO origin. This is backed by analytical testing along the whole production and logistic chain. Based on the certified documentation available and PCR analysis, GMO-labeling of the product and the manufactured foods and feeds thereof is not necessary.

LECICO IPM Lecithin is produced from conventional harvests, which are not genetically modified. The quantities supplied by the producers come exclusively from Brazilian cultivation and Brazilian certified crushers. Cultivation is monitored and controlled by the crushing plant. There are procedures in place to ensure all reasonable steps have been taken to avoid contamination of the soybeans during harvest, processing and transport to the plant, warehouse and customers.

To match the EC-Regulations 1829/2003 und 1830/2003 LECICO IPM Lecithin has full documentation and traceability on the origin of seeds, storage, transportation and processing of raw materials, intermediates and finished lecithin products. Analytical examination at different stage of production take place to confirm the documents and certificates generated along the production chain.

A typical flowchart for a PCR negative
Identified Preserved Monitored (IPM) soy lecithin quality: Here


A LECICO IPM Lecithin delivery to customers has together with all official documents and certificates the following NON-GMO guarantee: We, LECICO GmbH, hereby confirm that the lecithin product LECICO F 600 IPM, batch No. is of conventional, NON GMO origin. This guarantee is backed by full traceability and analytical testing along the production chain. Based on the documentation available and PCR Analysis labeling of this product according to regulation 1830/2003/EC, is not necessary.